How to Play Fan Tan

If you’re a fan of card games, then Fan Tan – also known as Sevens or Play and Pay – might be one of your favorites. This popular casino game can be quite challenging to master so if that sounds appealing to you, here is some guidance on mastering it:

Playing this straightforward card game involves each player being dealt a deck of cards in turn. They then ante to a pool, and the first person who plays all their cards wins the pot.

Game rules

Fan Tan (or Sevens) is a card game for three to eight players that utilizes an international 52-card pack with each suit ranked A-K-Q-J-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2.

The deck is dealt clockwise to each player, one card at a time. If any player receives fewer cards than others, they must ante an additional chip into the ante pool for extra odds.

The first player to the left of the dealer picks a 7 and begins play. They may then choose another card or add one higher in rank of that suit (i.e., 6 or 8), or they may play another 7. Sequences build up from there until everyone runs out of cards – with the winner being whoever runs out first!

Betting options

Fan Tan is an Asian game of chance that does not utilize cards or a wheel. It uses a see-through dome, metallic cup and selection stick to randomly select beads from a large number and group them into four lines.

The goal of the game is to correctly predict how many beads will remain in the last line. A winning bet pays out three times your original bet amount if successful.

Evolution Fan Tan is a live dealer version of this Asian game that provides eight standard bets and numerous other betting options. Players have the option to play with either the default game view or switch to an advanced view for even greater betting possibilities.


Fan Tan is an entertaining card game played by three to seven players, known by various names such as Sevens, Parliament and Domino.

Playable with chips or cash, it’s a fast-paced game with straightforward betting options that anyone can understand.

Variations of this game include how many cards each player starts with and how they are scored. Some titles require players to wager one chip for every card in their hand at the end of a round.

Another variation of Fan Tan is Double-Deck Fan Tan. While more random and less strategic than its traditional counterpart, this version offers an interesting alternative. The scoring system is similar to standard Fan Tan but players begin with a stock of cards instead.

Rules of conduct

Fan Tan may appear complex at first glance, but its rules are actually quite straightforward. You play with a deck of cards and the goal is to remove all your cards before your opponents do.

A basic strategy is to focus on cards in a suit that have either the highest or lowest numbers. For instance, if you have Kings and Aces together in one suit, playing Sevens early in the game increases your chances of getting rid of them before other players do.

Another key strategy in Fan Tan is keeping your middle cards (i.e. 5, 6, and 9) close at hand. Doing this can help you trap other players by keeping them from playing their higher cards.

Live version

Fan Tan is a Chinese game that’s now available on live casino websites. Originating in Asia, this thrilling game of chance has since spread around the world.

The game takes place on a large table covered with beads, and it begins with betting. The dealer uses a metal cup to randomly select some beads from the collection.

Once the betting round is over, the croupier sorts remaining beads into groups of four and places them in a line at the centre of the table.

Players in the betting round have five bet types to select from: Odd/Even, Big/Small, Nim bets and Fan bets. Of these five options, a Fan bet offers the highest payout of all bets.

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