The Art of Negotiating Casino Comps

Casino comps are free services and products given out as rewards to players for participating in gaming activities, from food and beverages to hotel stays or limousine services.

Loss rebates were once reserved only for whales; now casinos are making this luxurious perk available to mini-whales as well. Loss rebates represent percentages of expected losses on each game played.

Free Rooms

Casinos often give top players free hotel rooms in addition to food and beverage comps as an incentive for staying longer, spending more money and ultimately contributing to their bottom line.

Though it may seem counter-intuitive, casinos actually save money by giving away free rooms and amenities to players. By covering player’s drinks and meals themselves, casinos can eliminate costs associated with hiring cocktail waitresses or purchasing it from external vendors.

Watch as the URComped team shares valuable tips and techniques for getting maximum value from casino comps! You can watch this and more videos on our YouTube channel.

Discounted Meals

Casinos often provide discounted meals, both within their restaurants and hotel. Furthermore, they may pay the cost of airfare if necessary – all things that URComped’s Craig and team discuss to get maximum value out of your casino players card.

Along with food and beverages, casinos can also offer discounted tickets to events hosted at either their hotel or casino complex, such as musical concerts, magic shows, theatre and dance performances, sporting events or loss rebates – offering players back a percentage of losses through negotiation – while others do not refund any losses at all.

Discounted Tickets

Casino comps go beyond free drinks and meals; they can include everything from hotel rooms and limousine rides, concert tickets, food packages and airfare discounts.

Ian discusses how players can take advantage of this tactic for themselves, but also notes its possible repercussions in today’s terror-paranoid environment: getting airlines to honor multiple fake names may raise suspicion among security personnel at airports and could increase risk.

The URComped team offers several tips for making the most of their money when using the system. One key tip is deciding in advance how much money you are willing to lose and only betting that amount – this will increase your eligibility for higher-tier comps as well as allow more opportunities for earning comps through using your card regularly!

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